Juliette O'Connell

Juliette O'Connell


My name is Juliette and I'm a member of the education & outreach team with Breast Cancer Ireland.  I have been delivering their complimentary Breast Health Education & Awareness program to Schools, Corporate & the Community since 2018.

The presentation takes 45 minutes and includes sharing my personal experience of having had Breast Cancer, offers advice on how to perform a breast self-examination, along with 8 signs and symptoms to be aware of.

Of the 30,000 women and young girls we have met during a 12-month period, we have had a number of early detected cases as a result, with early detection being key to ensuring a much more positive treatment outcome.

Did you know that:

1 in 9 women and 1 in 1000 men will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime
23% of women under the age of 50 are diagnosed annually.