I am Bébhinn McMahon, from Co Clare. I am a Colour Therapist and I make unique Colour Therapy Angels and Bracelets. I have created the Angels and Bracelets by combining my deep knowledge of colour and my love for needle felting and craft. 

Each Angel has been lovingly handmade, using Sheep Wool, Merino Wool and  Silk. The Bracelets are delicately created using semi-precious stones, tiger tail wire, stainless steel and mixed alloy. 

We each have our own special life purpose, full of challenges and healing. Colour plays a role in guiding us along this journey, offering insights and comfort. Curious about your birth colour? Head over to my Instagram highlights for easy-to-follow guidance and plenty of beautiful creations: https://www.instagram.com/bebhinnscreations/


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