I'm Nuala O Connor and I created RetuningME™.  I am on a quest to help you to naturally raise your stressed energy to positive vibrations that promote better wellness. You are made up of trillions and trillions of cells. Each of those cells is packed full of energy vibrations. Energy vibrations get tuned and retuned all the time. If you are not actively tuning your vibrations to frequencies that keep you well and focused on success, then you will automatically get knocked into stress vibrations from your environment. 

I offer you a Natural Energy Approach to Wellness and Success because there are little or no side effects with natural ways. I have created some new products and techniques that will help you raise your energy every single day.

I have created Positive Energy Pendants. These are made from recycled bio-photonic Miron Violet Glass. Miron Glass is made using infra-red and ultra-violet colours. Combined, these colours offer you a very high yin-yang energy frequency. I am a Kinesiologist and I get liquid nutrition in Miron bottles. These are the bottles that I recycle to make my Positive Energy Pendants. At the Holistic Fairs, I tune your stressed and out of tune energy into the pendant so every time you wear that pendant, your energy will naturally rise to the freqiency of the pendant. 

I have also created a new programme that will get you into easy and effective exercise for your wellness. This is called Rebound For Wellness. I will talk to you about this form of exercise at the Fairs I attend. I bring along a discount code should you wish to purchase my Rebound For Wellness Programme. You can also learn about Rebound For Wellness here.

I created a new Two Point Tapping System called Two Meridian Tapping. I wrote about book about this system - Tap Into Success - detailing how you can take a stressed thought or emotion and retune it to a new positive script - using the Two Meridian Tapping system. This book has a bonus chapter of 'I truly am...' positive scripts that you can use every day to keep you in a peaceful, relaxed, focused and well vibration. I offer signed copies of my book for half price at Fairs. 

This year to mark Brigid 1500 I have created some Positive Energy Brigid's Crosses using Miron Glass and Stained glass. You can get your cross at the Holistic Fairs I attend or by contacting me directly - nuala@retuningme.com

Wishing You and Yours Good Energy Always



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