Whilst running Obus Academy and Clinic Christine has continued to teach around the globe including: Taiwan, China, USA, Malta, Trinity College, Dublin University, Drogheda Institute of Further Education. As an extension of running a busy clinic and training professional therapists, Christine began sourcing higher quality essential oils than she could easily find in retailers, and began experimenting with formulating therapeutic blends. These blends, first made for clients, and then her own students have become Obus Professional. We are passionate about educating practitioners and the public about the research-informed healing power of essential oils and how to safely use them.

It’s important to note while the participants at our events & on this site take their work very seriously, all consultations with the psychic & mediums listed are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only and are not intended to, nor should they ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. In addition, all holistic therapists listed do not claim to cure or diagnose any medical condition in the same way as a doctor/physician. Their opinion is that of a holistic, complementary, and alternative therapist and their professional opinions, advice, examinations, and recommendations do not constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician.