Tatiana Bondareva is a practicing astrologer and artist (aka Tanya Bond). She provides comprehensive natal chart readings, transits, progressions and solar return analysis. Couple charts comparison - synastry, composite and davison chart interpretation. You can find Tatiana at most Mind and Body fairs, where she gives quick on the spot personal astrology readings of anything that stands out in the natal chart and transits. You will also find Tatiana's artwork and indie oracle deck - Duality Deck. www.tanyabond.com PRICES: Short taster readings are available during the Mind Bondy experience events only. 30euros for 15-20 minutes reading, and 50euros for 30 minutes. Full reading is available in person & online (whatsapp video/audio or facebook audio chat), lasts over an hour, and includes natal chart (character traits, patterns, basic needs for happiness), transits, progressions and solar return (what has been happening in the recent past, currently and in the near future), 80 euros.


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